"Portrait Tango" reveals a poetic connection between the dance of the body and the dance of the paint brush, thus creating an unexpected sensation of portraits on canvas coming to life to tell their timeless stories through this uniquely choreographed Argentine tango.

"Et si tu n'existais pas" (If you didn't exist) Paris Chansons in collaboration with artist Zhenya Gershman (Project AWE).

Freedom of expression with a focus that can touch those who carry the song and the visual memories of immigrant ancestry.
— M A Greenstein



I enjoyed SKIN-4, like one enjoys a poem, a melody, a sunset. It was unique and perfect in it’s own way.
— Bryce Noel



SKIN-4/a collaboration:

a unique multimedia body blueprint – 4 artists, 4 mediums, 4 dimensions 

  1. What if the body is turned into a canvas?

  2. What if a painting is made on the skin?

  3. What if ancestors are made visible portrayed directly on their relative?

  4. What if the portrait is animated by the movement of the body?

SKIN-4 is a powerful collaboration between the renowned painter Zhenya Gershman, photographer Michele Mattei, and Oscar nominated filmmaker Carlos A. Hurtado,  blurring the accepted boundary between past and present, living and dead, still and animate, 'me' and 'us'.


SKIN-4 receiveS a Grant from The Jewish Federation 

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, in partnership with Genesis Philanthropy Group and The Jewish Agency for Israel, awarded a grant to project AWE for SKIN-4