As much as the Renaissance was an explosion of science and philosophy, the esoteric traditions that underlay Western culture were also reappraised and re-presented in the artistic realm. This tradition has continued to this day, and the work of Project AWE has been a scintillating and arresting venue for the collection and presentation of this body of knowledge.
— Pinchas Giller, Professor of Jewish Thought, American Jewish University
At the American Jewish University, we create programs centered around academic exploration, creative opportunities and cultural exchange for our community and beyond. As part of American Jewish University: The Institute for Jewish Creativity academic lecture series held at Sperber Burton Library, we were delighted to co-host a panel offered by Project AWE. The lecture topic proposed by Project AWE on the hidden poetics, alterity in literature and art was explored by related experts in the field, showed extensive academic research and was met by great interest in our community. We were truly impressed by the level of scholarly work and engaging presentation.
— Rotem Rozental, Assistant Dean, Chief Curator Director, The Institute for Jewish Creativity, American Jewish University
For the French Art Week, The Alliance Française de Los Angeles presented: Art and Ethics – a round table discussion, which was moderated by Jean-Claude Carron, The American Institute for Levinassian Studies (AILS) Scientific Director, Professor, and Director of Undergraduate Studies at University of California (UCLA). The participants included: Zhenya Gershman, an Artist, Art Historian and President of Project AWE; Louis Stern of the Louis Stern Fine Art Gallery; Fred Goldstein, Senior Vice President General Council and Secretary at Los Angeles County Museum (LACMA); Christian Grusq, AILS President. We found that the presence of the Project AWE representative enriched our program significantly, enthusing it with the depth of true academic rigor.
— Isabelle Leroux, Presidente, Alliance Française de Los Angeles

Image, top of the page: Jacopo Pontormo, Visitation (detail), c. 1529, Church of San Francesco e Michele, Carmignano, Italy